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scarf: NOVA

248,15 CHF tax excl.

limited edition
dadadésir & dead fred factory
made in Italy
dry clean
hand machine rolled
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Height 120 cm
Width 120 cm
Fabric cotton silk

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Some encounters are written in the stars. And can take everyone unawares. It’s how the NOVA scarf exploded into Myriam and Jan’s world. Ideas are thrown into the ring, go off on a tangent. Each side imagined its part of a whole, expressing their particular taste and in- tuition but working from the same elements. A curious parenthesis that revealed a perfect – and perfectly unexpected – coexistence. Then all it took was a central planet to complete this moment of inspired synchronicity.

Opposing symbols don’t try to dominate. On the contrary. They form a whole. One could not exist without the other. Earth and air, dark and light, feminine and masculine: opposites attract, grow together to form an equilibrium. But the scarf’s shamanic spirit is strongest when worn. Imaginative twists and folds yield superpositions of symbols that release a show- er of energies – NOVA for ever.