About us

DADADESIR. Say again? 

This Swiss start-up, busy creating scarves and stoles in their workshop, isn’t the kind that fits neatly into a box. If anything, it tends to defy labels. Behind this tongue-twister of a name lie two uncompromising personalities: Myriam & Jérôme. Creative, rebel- lious, intuitive, determined, assertive, authentic... any of these words could describe them, but like the Dada phi- losophy they prefer to break free of constraints and create extravagant and vivid tableaux in which imaginary creatures and bizarre characters are brought to life by their edgy, romantic, provocative touch. Faithful to the Dada spirit, each scarf comes in a very limited edition, never more than ten. With the Tribe, rock’n roll goes with exclusive.

Introducing a duo of artists for who silk is never square.

There is Myriam for a start. In 2013, this graphic designer returned to her first love, fashion and textile, and nev- er looked back. She unleashes her creative impulses on whatever images, photos, books or prints she might find, dissecting, dividing, contouring and cutting them into pieces which she as- sembles into collages that become unique and original scarves (large, square or skinny) as well as necker- chiefs in silk, cotton & silk and viscose & wool.

Then there is Jérome. For him too, the cap fits not once but twice. Beneath his Goth style and unconventional spir- it, this carpenter and happily turns his hand to sculpture, painting, jewel- lery-making and decoupage. Co-found- er of the brand, he wields the tools of his trade with equal dexterity, and has no qualms about scissorbombing mag- azine pages to transform pretty little pictures into scenes beyond the wild- est imagination.

Why resist? These two creators are out to satisfy your heart’s dadade- sire...

Text by Nicole Kate Roduit  (email)
Photo by Roger Grisiger Photography
Photos of the products by David (email)