About us

Dadadésir. Say again ?

Dadadésir. Say again ?

Dadadésir isn’t the kind of company that fits neatly into a box. If anything, it tends to defy labels.

Behind this tongue-twister of a name lies the uncompromising personality : Myriam. Creative, rebellious, intuitive, determined, assertive, authentic… any of these words describes her, but like the Dada philosophy she prefers to break free of constraints and create extravagant and vivid tableaux in which imaginary creatures and bizarre characters are brought to life by her edgy, romantic, provocative touch.

Myriam a fabulous graphic designer is also focusing on her first love, fashion and textile.

She unleashes her creative impulses on whatever images, photos, books or prints she might find, dissecting, dividing, contouring and cutting them into pieces which she assembles into collages that become unique and original motifs – then scarves & bandanas made of cotton & silk.

Faithful to the Dada spirit, each scarf and bandana comes in a very limited edition.

Why resist? This creator is out to satisfy your heart’s dadade- sire… with her creations & collaborations.

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